Potential Risks of Cannabis

Cannabis used under medical supervision can serve us, but long-term smoking of marijuana, which we “prescribe” ourselves, is associated with risks.

These include, but are not limited to, memory impairment, learning ability, slowing of reflexes, decreased reproductive capacity in men, and the researchers have also found an association with the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Cannabis is one of the oldest crops used by humanity for thousands of years. It developed on the southwestern slopes of the Himalayas, where it spread practically all over the world. Marijuana has been proven by our ancient ancestors, from prehistoric gatherers and hunters to Neolithic farmers. It is even mentioned in the Bible and the ancient Indian Vedas.

Marijuana has been used for millennia for its healing and ‘spiritual’ effects. In Europe, Greeks, Nordic, and other nations have historically used cannabis to relieve labor, injury, toothache, and hysteria turned it into a dangerous drug in the postmodern era. In recent years, the medical use of marijuana finally reappeared in various diagnoses.

Although its use is not without risk, we know that its social harm is lower than alcohol. However, there is evidence that regular use of marijuana can have negative consequences for human reproduction.

Damaged sperm

Last year’s research at Boston University showed worrying results that marijuana consumers may have severe reproductive problems.

The study involved 1,400 couples who decided to conceive a child. The findings were quite serious. It has been shown that men who indulge in marijuana consumption at least once a week expose their partners to up to twice the risk of miscarriage.

The main reason for these abortions was probably sperm degeneration due to cannabis smoking. Although the damaged sperm can fertilize the egg, its defects prevent the proper development of the fetus, and abortion will occur.