What Features Must Be Added On An ID Card

More and more companies opt for fully customizable ID access cards for their employees not only to force security measures, but also to create a safe working environment and avoid inconveniences from people coming from outside. And, with so many options to choose from, it is quite hard for the logistics departments to make the best choice when searching for their future ID cards. What features to add? How to make the cards? Which colors are most suitable? What is the most durable fabric for ID cards? All these questions and many more can be simply answered by checking the website http://www.easyidcard.com/.For those who want to know exactly the design of their future ID cards, read below for a set of tips to follow:

Organization logo

The most important feature that must stand out in your ID card is your company’s logo. Make it large and visible. Apart from making all your employees wearing them more visible and easier to find, ID cards that have incorporated the company logo are also harder to fraud or replicate. Bear in mind that corporate logos are also a great way to ensure security inside your company and have a clear vision of people entering and exiting your premises.

Single or dual-sided?

Depending on the amount of information you want to encrypt and enlist on your ID card, you should consider whether to make it on a single side or on both. Obviously, primary information and authentication access codes, as well as the employee’s name and picture should stand on the front side of the ID card, for easy access. If you consider there is further information that must be added but not extremely relevant outside your own company, list it on the back of your ID card. On the reverse you can enlist additional information such as important phone numbers one can contact or the position occupied by your employee in the company.


ID cards can be made both horizontally or vertically. The orientation of the ID card impacts the way your employee will use its future badge. We recommend using vertically badges as they are easier to carry hanging around the neck, while horizontal ones can be harder to stay in a still position and might end up creating discomfort for the owner. But, no matter the type of orientation you use for your future employee ID cards, make sure to add a slot punch that goes with the design for easy insertion. 

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