Top 4 Cleaners to Accelerate Mac Performance in No Time

It is not surprising to see a Mac machine running slow although it is irritating to encounter such a situation every now and then. The good news is that you need not be a Mac Nerdy to resolve this issue. This is because the easiest way to restore the speed of your machine is to use a third party cleaner or optimization app.

In a Mac store, you will come across several such apps that claim to make your Mac system run faster. However, this diversity can leave you confused as to which app is most suitable. This is where you need to consider which features are required and what is the budget. Here are top 4 highly rated apps for you to choose the best one as per the required features and budget.

Mackeeper – Around $40

This one seems to come with the most comprehensive features and utilities, ranging right from backup to system security and optimization. The cleaning and optimization capabilities are the most attractive ones with the options to remove logs, duplicate files, caches, and parts of unwanted applications.

With this tool, you can even have an eye on the login stuff, updates, as well as default apps for opening specific types of files. Just think of an optimization feature and it is just impossible that you will not find in this tool. For OS X, Mackeeper is perhaps the most admired antivirus and antitheft tool as well. Above all, the cleaner comes with 365-day money back guarantee.

Clean My Mac2 – Around $40

As compared to its former version Clean My Mac, Clean My Mac 2 offers more enhancements although less than Mackeeper. It comes with utilities such as fast cleanup, uninstaller, disk cleaner, shredder, and login items and default apps optimizer all of which are on offer by Mackeeper. The user interface is quite simple making it easier to access all its features. A noteworthy mention goes to the improved Automatic Cleanup algorithm that finds files that do not affect the system performance after deletion.

Apart from that, a new addition is the iPhoto Cleanup tool that cleans up the big iPhoto libraries. Most of us might now know but each edited version of a photo is stored in the library and the original remains hidden. The tool finds all these original and selects the originals that are fine to remove.

DetoxMyMac – Around $25

 This one is more affordable than the above two tools perhaps because it offers only cleaning utilities. Whether you use fast cleanup, uninstaller, and disk usage optimizer, Detox My Mac intelligently goes through each system corner and requires a single click to trigger its detoxification process. In no time, your system begins to work faster and gains more disk space.

The tool comes with all the essentials for clearing caches, unwanted language files, and old logs. Go for this tool if you prefer a simple cleaner that does not let you think much about how to speed up the system with ease and efficiency. You can expect a 60-day money back guarantee.

Mac Cleanse – Around $20

Although less pricey as compared to the above tools, Mac Cleanse come with just the two basic utilities: Fast cleanup and uninstaller. It allows restoring the hard disk space by removing unwanted stuff that might be causing the machine to run slowly. The tool comes with abilities such as cache and log clearing, unused languages elimination, cookies deletion, and recently used history removal. You can even expect an automatic scan and scheduled cleaning on daily basis at a fixed time.

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