Parks and Garden Landscaping design in Vancouver

Landscaping design is the process of organizing and changing the structure of an external area (such as a yard and urban locations) for beauty and other reasons like erosion control, prevention against deforestation among others. In addition, landscaping design is a process of combining both nature and culture to beautify an area.  Landscaping not only beautifies your home but also increases spaces around your house for usability. It will also provide protection against erosion and will increase the availability of clean, fresh air. This article hints the reader about some of the best parks and gardens landscaping design in Vancouver. However, after reading this article, landscaping will never be strange to you anymore and you will be aware of where to visit in Vancouver when you need to relax.

These are some of the beautiful parks and garden landscape designs in Vancouver:

Stanley Park

It is one of the parks at Vancouver to relax. It is easily accessible by foot, bikes and buses. It is a place that is designed to be suitable for all events like picnics, get together, and various fun activities. However, it can be a suitable place for those who want to enjoy the effect of nature when they visit the rose garden or lay a blanket on one of the beaches or they can even stroll in the rainforest. In addition, if you want to get something doing, you can run, jog or walk along the seawall and can even swim at the sea pool provided.

Dr sun-yat Sen Park and classical Chinese garden

 Dr sun-yat Sen park and classical Chinese garden is another park that is located in Vancouver and the first of its type outside china. It remembers you about the tradition that reaches it peak during the Ming dynasty reign in china. It’s unique landscape design is aided by the consonance of the main elements, which are the rock, water, plants and mainly the architecture of the area. The natural asymmetrical organization of the rock and plants makes the place to imitate the rhymes of nature.

Vandusen Botanical Garden

A botanical garden that is located near Queen Elizabeth’s garden Vancouver. It is the representation of the ecosystem of different plant species from the Himalayas to the Mediterranean and from Louisiana quagmire to the Pacific Northwest. Its beautiful design is said to be influenced by the orchid, and it is one of Vancouver’s iconic buildings. However, for those who enjoy viewing wildlife, it is the best place to visit.

Ambleside Park

Ambleside Park is located in West Vancouver. For those who enjoy doing physical activities, this park is the most suitable. It contains various pitches from a sandy beach with volleyball net to a skateboard park and more activities to enjoy.

These are some of the most beautiful parks and gardens in Vancouver to have a great relaxation from works.

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