Why You Need to Invest in a Shotgun Microphone

Mics come in all shapes and sizes. Of course, they differ in functionality too. Your specific needs determine the choice of one type over the other. Even then, it makes perfect sense to include a shotgun microphone in your collection of equipment. Here’s why;

“Natural” Sound

Any recording or performing artist will tell you that shotgun mics tend to create a more “natural” sound, especially when compared to lavaliers. Because of a combination of electronics, distance, and air, audio recorded using a shotgun is more or less going to like what you’d expect to hear if you were watching a live performance.

Minimalist Design

Shotgun mics don’t come with the whistles and bells of most models. In essence, this means that you don’t need to hide your microphone on the actor. Most are compatible with a boom pole or stand. Besides, you can control them with a boom operator. And, because of their reasonably narrow polar pattern and extended range, the audio sounds perfect even when listening from miles away.

No Batteries Required

You don’t need to fit your shotgun mic with batteries for it to function. What this means is that you can use phantom to power your microphone. By extension, this implies that you won’t have to deal with low or dead batteries even after using your mic for an hour. Indeed, some shotguns use batteries, so you can still use them when you’re not carrying phantom power.

No RF Hits

Shotgun mics don’t suffer from RF hits – and that’s because of the cabled design. Even though dealing with cables can be hectic, a wired microphone is likely to sound better when pitted against a wireless transmitter. More than that, you can switch your transmitter if you must use a wireless shotgun.

… You Have to Choose Your Shotgun Carefully Though

See, all shotguns aren’t the same. Some will suit one task and fail on another. Plus, some manufacturers have a reputation of making top-notch shotgun mics that offer value for money. On that note, visit http://microphonegeeks.com/pro/shotgun-microphone/ to view a selection of the best shotgun microphones on the market.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing wrong with having other types of microphones. However, it is always good to have a mix of everything including a shotgun if you’re in for a mic that can sound natural. Don’t forget to check the features of the model that you intend to buy to have an idea of what to expect.

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