Multiple Uses of the Salad Spinner

Some appliances are made to be used for multiple purposes around the kitchen. One such appliance is the spinner. Many people just use it for drying lettuce and leave it at that. Salad spinners are useful in many ways that you have overlooked, or never knew. Let us explore the different projects where a salad spinner comes in handy.

Drying Greens

This is the obvious way of using the spinner. Spinach, lettuce and other greens require drying before you can use them to make salad. This is what the spinner was made for.

Draining Leeks

These grow in loose, sandy soil. When preparing them, you need to clean them up before cutting them into small crescent shapes as you place them in a sink. This makes sure the dirt sinks to the bottom and leaves the leeks at the top. However, what you get are wet leeks. You can’t use these leeks to cook, because water causes the oil to spatter, something you don’t want to happen.

To avoid this issue, use a spinner from Spinning Salad to dry the leeks for effortless and safe cooking.

Draining Pasta

Have you ever eaten pasta that is wet, which makes the whole dish watery? Draining the pasta using the spinner helps get rid of the extra water that remains after cooking. Place the pasta in the spinner and there goes your excess water.

Poultry Drying

Before you can use poultry in any recipe, it is vital that you clean it and then rinse it. If you don’t clean it properly, you experience a hard time adding a coating to it. The layer of water prevents the mixture from sticking to the wet pieces. To make everything easy, place the pieces of chicken into your spinner and the result is dried pieces of meat.

Drying Fresh Produce

Once you buy fresh produce from the market, you need to clean it and remove any excess water before you can store or use it. Removing any excess water helps you avoid the growth of molds. Your spinner comes in handy at this point.

Final Thoughts

To enjoy these and other benefits, you need to have the right spinner for the job. Make sure you understand what options you have in terms of size and quality as well as price before you go ahead and choose. Make sure you get a spinner that handles the tasks in the home quick and fast.

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