What Makes a Good Instagram Bot?

You probably have heard about Instagram bots and how you can use them to extend your Instagram audience. Owing to a large number of Instagram bots released every year, it may be frustrating to identify one that provides the best service.  Nevertheless, you do not want to pay for an application tool that will not be of benefit to you.

Instagram bots have various components in common. However, some are better than others in terms of functionality and ease of use. If you are seeking to purchase one then read on to see some of the attributes you should look for.

The Cost

You may be tempted to think that the most expensive Instagram bots are the best. This is not the case as some of the great bots are actually low priced. You need to remain unbiased when it comes to these prices because you may decide to get the most expensive application but realize that it does not meet your automation needs.


You deserve automation software that will remain active for as long as it is installed to your account. Make sure you understand the uptime of each option before you make a purchase decision.


The uniqueness of an Instagram bot determines how it performs tasks. You do not want a tool that keeps repeating actions and posting the same content each time. Reputable bots allow you to share your posts on all your social media accounts. This is helpful when you want to gain more exposure.

Automatic Task Scheduling

With a good bot, you can be able to plan ahead by scheduling posts that need to be shared in future. You will also benefit from automated following, liking and commenting. One great Instagram bot that has this important feature is Instazood. You can find a detailed review of Instazood @ The Small Business Blog. Automatic speed management is also vital as it ensures that your account does not exceed Instagram limits.

Hashtag Targeting

Instagram marketing relies on the use of hashtags. A great Instagram bot allows you to use hashtags to reach a targeted demographic so as to gain relevant followers in terms of niche and location.

Customer Support

Most Instagram bots do not come with support features. A good bot provides user guides, an FAQ page, and a help center where you can access technical assistance.

In Closing

Making an informed purchase decision allows you to grow your account in the best and most acceptable way.  Instagram has a tendency of blocking spam bots, so you need to ensure you only get legitimate bots that have been reviewed positively in the past.

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