Make your salad in simple steps

If you ever think of making fast food that is extremely nutritious, why not try making a delicious salad. Vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins, and other macro and micronutrients, so you are covered by perhaps, the richest foods in terms of nutrients.

Although you don’t need rocket science to get the salad ready for your family at, you are with the best hands to supply all you need to make your dream salad.

You can make your first salad in few minutes if you can consider few steps, which are detailed and are helpful for rookies.

  • You need a bowl and lettuce

You need a head of lettuce as the main ingredient in this recipe. Wash your lettuce with plenty water, and make sure is free of sands and dirt. Then break the leaves gently to avoid damage.

If you are not the patient type, you can use the pre-washed lettuce that is shredded and nice packed.  Mixed greens are preferable but not a must; just go for what you feel is best for you. There are not strict rules about nature of lettuce that you choose.

  • Add preferred vegetables

To make it spicy, add few vegetables to make it attractive, add a lovely veggie like onions, tomatoes, and fresh herbs to make it taste sweet. You can go a step further to add highly nutritious fruits like apple, almonds, and avocados, just to increase nutrition content of your salad. However, you may need to avoid the temptation of adding so many ingredients to your salad.

  • Add meat if you are not a vegan

If you are not a Vegan, and you need an additional source of protein, you may consider adding chopped pieces of meat, preferably turkey, because white meats are the best in salads, but red meat may not be a bad idea.

However, you may decide to keep the salad pure vegetable so the meat part is not compulsory, however, you can add walnuts or tofu to give it a total vegan recipe.

Almonds are the most protein rich and healthiest addition you can add to the formula.

  • Mix all your ingredients

Since you won’t keep adding ingredients forever, you to mix your content after adding all ingredients at your disposal. Nevertheless, you must do this with care so that you will not crush your lettuce and other ingredients in the mixture.

The choice is your how you want to serve it, you may refrigerate if you care or take it live from your bowl.

Salad are important to healthy living, so make it a point of duty to have it in your diet regularly, health is priceless, you need the best nutritional combinations for your body.

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