Factors to Consider When Buying a Meat Slicer

When looking to purchase a meat slicer, one needs to know the type of food item they’ll slice. It’s also important to know the amount of product to be sliced. Some meat slicers can slice almost any type of food and operate all day. Other slicers, on the other hand, are designed for light tasks that involve less than an hour of slicing each day. These slicers are light duty and can’t handle tough items. Getting the wrong machine can be troublesome because you may end up with damaged gears and motor burnouts.

Most meat slicers can handle meat at room temperature. However, when it comes to slicing bulky items like cheese or frozen foods, it’s advisable to use heavy duty models. The horsepower rating of a slicing machine indicates the type of foods it can handle without burning out its motor. Check the part of the slicer which holds items to ensure the slicer meets your requirements.

Slicers are either belt-driven or gear-driven. Models that are more advanced come with automatic operation. Higher-end models have many slicing speeds. Most slicers come with a sharpening stone. Go for slicing machines that are certified for sanitation. You can check out the various models of meat slicers at http://www.slicewiser.com/.

There are different types of slicers. The main ones are light, medium and heavy-duty slicers. Light-duty slicing slicers are equipped with blades of about 10 inches. They’re suitable for light tasks that are done in under an hour. They aren’t meant for slicing frozen food or cheese because the weight of these products is more than the slicer can handle.

Medium-duty slicers come with larger blades that can slice meat, vegetables and cheese. However, this type of slicer can’t slice frozen items. Heavy-duty slicers can handle almost any type of food. They can slice meat, cheese and even frozen products for long periods. They have 12- inch blades and motorized carriages that facilitate automatic operation.

Heavy-duty slicers, as well as some medium-duty slicing machines, have automatic operations. This feature allows the user to save time and attend to other duties. Manual slicers are cumbersome because they require you to move the carriages for each slice.

Smaller blades are ideal for those who don’t need to slice cheeses and processed meats such as deli turkey. Use larger blades to slice large cuts of meat and roast. Buy a meat slicer that uses aluminum blades because they don’t rust. Additionally, purchase a slicer made by a reputable manufacturer. This way, you’ll get a machine that can serve you for many years.

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