What is the most convenient tool for grass cutting?

Most of the landlords, who have private houses often face a question – by means of what to mow a grass on the yard?; what lawn mower or the trimmer to choose for this purpose?; Of course the answer will always be individual. However, there are several similar methods that are considered the most convenient. In this article, we will try to find a solution for this issue.

It is necessary to cut your grass 2-3 times per a month, so the grass would be beautiful and well groomed.

The string trimmer will be applicable if you have not a large yard. The basic element of the trimmer (like in any lawn mower) is an electric or petrol engine. Such engine rotates the reel with the coil and a sting. The string comes out and makes diameter 28 – 42 cm. The diameter of a scaffold is 1 – 4 mm. The thicker is the better.  In addition, the trimmer has a knife, which cuts off an excess string.

The worn-out scaffold of the trimmer is restored in different ways, depending on model and the producer. In the meantime, consider the fact that the trimmer allows establishing not only the reel with a string for a grass cutting but also a disk knife with the ground teeth’s for rough stalks.

The cheapest electric trimmers can be with the top or with the lower system of the engine. To find more about the best available grass trimmers visit http://trimmersandedgers.com/.

Trimmers with the top system of the engine are more practical. Such devices have the power of 600-1300 W.

If electricity is still not available in your yard it is possible to use the accumulator or petrol trimmer. The accumulator trimmer works about 30 minutes. It will be enough approximately for 100 sq. m. Charging of each model varies between three and ten hours.

If your yard has the size of 150 – 400 sq. m., it is better to use a lawnmower for a grass cutting.

Lawn mowers happen to be:

– Mechanical;

– Electric;

– battery (1 charging allows to cut up to 600 sq. m, a charge about 1 hour);

– Petrol.

They also decide on self-propelled (moves ahead itself) and not self-propelled (it is necessary to be pushed).

Each lawnmower has a two-blade knife, located on a shaft of the engine. Its blades have a form similar to a plane screw. These blades create a stream and raise a grass. Then grass is cut off by means of a knife at the established level.

It is necessary to use mini-tractors for very big areas (more than 1000 sq.m). As you understand, it is serious equipment and it costs much.

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