Building Your Music Brand on Instagram

If you are looking for a platform to get fans and build your brand as a musician, then you need to sign up on Instagram. The social media platform boasts of more than 800 million users, which means you can get people to notice you faster than when you ply your trade on your website.

The only thing you need to realize is that Instagram is more competitive than ever before. More musicians have discovered this platform and are going all out to get a piece of the pie and get famous while at it. So, what should you do to build a following as a musician?

Know Your Audience

With so many music genres available, you need to know your target. The audience you choose is dependent on the kind of music you play.  Once you know about their music preferences, you need to have a profile of the ideal fan by asking yourself these questions:

    • How old is the ideal fan?
    • Where does he live?
    • What gender makes up the majority of the audience?
    • What are his interests?
    • Which other band does he love?

You can use fan data from a mailing list or website analytics.

You can get followers through proper automation. Many brands made use of Instagress, which was unfortunately shut down. You can check out for the alternatives to use.

Use High-Quality Images

Take yourself and try to see your page from the perspective of the fan. Then look at the images that you have and think whether you will like them or not. Would you follow the image if you were a fan? If you think the image isn’t worth it, then pick one that can give you the results that you need.

To get some inspiration, look at Instagram accounts that are similar to yours and try to adapt some elements to your account.

Give the Audience a Reason to Click on Your CTAs

Call-to-actions, otherwise abbreviated CTAs, direct the audience to a specific action that you wish to be performed. This can be streaming a single, buying an album or just reposting your image. The image you post and the accompanying citation should work hand in hand to convince the audience.

Bonus Tip

You can use Instagram video and audio to showcase a trailer for the latest tracks you are selling or the ones you are promoting.

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