4 Benefits of a Beach Trip

Contrary to what people think, a beach trip is not merely a waste of time and money. In fact, your health may benefit from an occasional trip to the beach. Here are a few positive effects it has on your health:

Sand is a Natural Exfoliant

Loose, wet sand removes dead skin cells by rubbing them away, thus, allowing your pores to breathe which helps remove acne and blackheads. You may wish to take advantage of this by walking on sand. Or, you may even roll yourself, and that also works since its exfoliant properties work for any part of the skin. Overall, the exfoliation of sand keeps the skin clean and healthy.

Walking on Sand Stimulates Nerve Endings

You may wonder why walking on sand feels so relaxing for your feet. Well, it gives you that feeling since it stimulates hundreds of thousands of nerve endings on your soles as you step on them. Unlike when you wear shoes, you utilize so many muscles in your feet as you walk barefoot on sand. Doing this can be quite therapeutic as it resembles a massage.

The Beach Boosts Your Immunity

Various aspects of the beach have properties that boost your immunity. Just the sunlight alone reduces the likelihood of developing autoimmune diseases, thanks to the vitamin D. Also, the seawater contains different minerals which get rid of body toxins. Furthermore, the waves have high iodine content, which benefits your thyroid and boosts your immune system. For a more practical example, seawater enables cuts to heal faster and stops a runny nose.

Beach Air Helps Your Relax

The beach atmosphere contains a considerable amount of negative ions. Naming aside, these are quite beneficial for improving your mood. Since these increase serotonin levels, your stress levels decrease, and you sleep much better. In fact, all you have to do is grab a comfortable beach chair and spend some time relaxing at the beach, your mental health benefits from this. If you are looking for a high-quality beach chair, then select from http://www.beachchairsguy.com/rio-backpack-chair-review/ as they have only the best.


If you assumed that beach trips have no practical benefit, then you are mistaken. In fact, a beach trip has various health benefits, such as improving your skin health, stimulating nerve endings, boosting your immunity, and helping you relax. If you still are not convinced, then why not try out the beach yourself?

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