3 ways to use generated sounds in meditation

Meditation can enhance every just about aspect of life from improving health to increasing concentration. The recommendation to try it seems to come from every direction. But sometimes the modern environment isn’t conducive to achieving a zen like state. Turning off phones, computers and the television will sort out some of the problem, but what about the distracting ambient noise of everyday life? This is where white noise machines come in. These machines mask or replace the incidental noise from those around us and can provide soothing noises to enhance the meditative experience. Here are three ways white noise machines could improve the effectiveness of your meditation.

Basic meditation on the breath

This is the simplest form of meditation and by far the most popular. As the name suggests, it’s just a case of focusing on your breathing as you maintain a slow and steady rhythm. Every time your mind wanders just bring focus back to your breathing. Unfortunately, there are very few places quiet enough to achieve this without being distracted. A white noise machine is the perfect solution to block out those irritating sounds without resorting to music, which may itself cause a distraction.

Mindfulness meditation

While all meditation should be done mindfully, and the basic on the breath meditation is often the starting point of mindful meditation, white noise machines can be used as part of a mindfulness meditation of their own. Many machines have settings for a range of sounds such as rain, ocean or forest noises. Pick one, turn it to a volume which masks outside noise but doesn’t overpower concentration and use that as the focus of your meditation session.

Guided meditations

Guided meditation involves being talked through a visualised scenario to achieve the meditative state. They are often used for a specific purpose such as pain reduction or anxiety relief. Sometimes these meditations come with background sounds, but often they are just a spoken word track. Selecting an appropriate setting on a white noise machine, forest for a walk in the woods meditation, or ocean sounds for a water focused narrative, can enhance the meditation by engaging the senses on another level.

Meditation is good for you, and no-one should miss out on its benefits because of a distractingly noisy environment. The tips above form a starting point for the use of white noise machines in a meditative environment but, with a little imagination, the possibilities are endless. Why not try one and see what works for you?

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