Anyone who is following a Mac backup plan although it may be a basic one, as he or she might not be a Mac Nerdy, is worthy of praises. At least, the user is concerned about the data on the system, which can get lost in case of disk crash or sudden power failure. Having some sort of backup is better than not taking a backup all, as that increases the chances of recovering data in an unexpected situation.

However, for many Mac users, a basic strategy of securing data through a simple backup might not work. These are the people for whom their profession or job is completely about dealing with data at all times, such as project manager or network administrator. They would surely need a foolproof backup powerful enough to make them rid of their paranoid nature. For them, here are some of the time-proven ways to improve the backup strategy’s reliability.

Create a Bootable Backup

 If you have ever used Time Machine to take a backup of the full disk and restore it, you would know how time consuming it is to restore the full disk. Depending upon the quantity of data and the type of disk in use, the duration of restoring could be between hours and days. Moreover, you are stuck with restoration, as you cannot do any other work during that period. This is actually not feasible for most Mac users although occasional users might not have problem with it.

In such a situation, a bootable backup is recommended once a week, which takes a full copy of the startup disk on an external drive. This is done in such a way that you can start your system from the duplicate copy and access the work quickly. For taking a bootable backup, you need to install a suitable app such as SuperDuper or ChronoSync. These are some of the most reliable apps with high ratings.

Take the Advantage of Cloud

Consider the Cloud facilities such as Dropbox for storing older version of files that you are likely to change or delete. If you have OS X, the Time Machine takes this kind of backup automatically just like the modern programs such as Dropbox. Such a backup is vital if you wish to have the file before the unwanted change happened a few weeks ago.

While a few tools save new versions at regular intervals (Time Machine does so per hour), some tools allow setting the backup frequency or keep an eye on the files for changes and takes a backup instantly or at your set time interval. As a tip, always choose an app that supports more-frequent backups of such a type. After all, versioning is essential for any organization.

Take a Backup for Backup

 This is similar to a double secured measure. In case of a backup, it is unwise to limit yourself to only one backup. You never know when that single backup will become of no use if an earthquake or fire strikes. It is also not uncommon to encounter a bad backup drive and a down online backup site due to which that sole data backup medium become inaccessible at the most crucial time.

Therefore, it is wise to have multiple backups and that too on different media. For example, you can have two different drives, one on an external hard disk and other at an online backup service. In this way, you can have several backups of your main backup.

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